Victory over Depression & Fear

Victory over Depression & Fear

I am in the midst of a divorce. Unlike the majority of divorces I know or have heard about, ours is a rather smooth and amicable one. 

The path to this decision or rather the path that led to this decision was not easy at all. 

I was in the shower when I heard the continuous message alerts coming from her phone. Thinking that it was something urgent, I decided to reply to her good pal, whom I happen to know well. And there they were -- the messages that changed my life completely. They were having an exciting chit-chat about a man. The man with whom she is having an affair with! Those few minutes were like dejavu. I had felt similar emotions several years ago when she admitted to having a one-night stand while on a business trip. With therapy and time, I had forgiven her. Yet now…. 

Among our group of close friends, we were known as the golden couple with the picture perfect marriage. Ours was a close knit family with 3 children. Certainly, we had our share of little tiffs etc but that is all part and parcel of a marriage. I had “sacrificed” my music career to join the safe corporate world a little after we got hitched. 

Within days of those messages, I moved out of our home. Looking back, that was possibly one of the darkest periods of my life. I could hardly sleep. I lost all appetite. Tears would just flow uncontrollably. I was angry. I was depressed. I was afraid. I feared the loss of my perfect world and my perfect family. After weeks and weeks of moping around, I decided to pick up a pen and some paper and started composing. This went on for weeks.. 

Time heals and this is definitely not just a cliche.. My soon-to-be ex wife and myself are now friends.

Music was both my form of release and therapy. The penning down of words and emotions became lyrics to a few of my original songs. My first love (Music) turned out to be my saviour.


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