No longer hush hush...

No longer hush hush...

The issues of mental health are no longer in the shadows but even as the elephant in the room appears smaller compared to decades ago, both public and self stigmas are still a reality. Stereotyped, discrimination and prejudiced - words that are very commonly associated with people who suffer from mental illness.

Fortunately, stigma is related to poor factual knowledge about mental illness; as such social groups and communities should band together to dismantle the stigma against mental health - to demystify and de-stigmatise mental illness through shared experiences. Fearlest aims to be one such community. 

5 ways to overcome mental illness stigma:

  • Seek treatment.
  • Don't buy into the stigma. Speak up against stigma.
  • Don't equate yourself with your illness.
  • Join a support group.
  • Choose empowerment over shame.

Blogging can help chip away the stigma of mental illness.

Let's bring the issue of mental health into the spotlight; and let's keep it there.