When You Focus on the Good, The Good Gets Better!

When You Focus on the Good, The Good Gets Better!

Not gonna let mental illness take me down!⁣

I used to live in fear because I witnessed domestic violence for almost half of my life. Often times, I was alone and it’s really too much to bear for a 5 year-old child. Bloody scenes, boiling water, knives and etc were very common during those days. The adults lacked the understanding and it never cross their minds that the impact it could have caused on this lil one. ⁣

I grew up manifesting the same abusive traits. A big bully during my school days, getting into fights even when I was all alone. An abusive mom for years but yet I refused to seek help. Suicidal thoughts were always lingering in my mind and I thought I was all alone in a dark world, often questioning my existence. ⁣

I seek comfort in my religion and was finally at peace with myself and the world. By setting myself free, I am also setting others free. I learnt to love all the people around me and spread positivity. ⁣

I choose to live life fearlessly and overcome all of life's unexpected challenges, to live life without worry, anxiety and fear. 

When you focus on the good, The good gets better!⁣

- Lynn (lowcarb_keto_fooddiary)