Time Will Heal

Time Will Heal

I often need help to take care of my boys. I can't imagine taking care of them myself alone. I never thought I will quit my job. I always feel I will continue to work till retire at old age. However, due to family circumstances, we made a decision that I will quit and take care of my boys.

A lot of questions come into my head. How to make them nap. How to cook with them around. How to avoid screen time. How to make them sleep early. How to bring them out myself with public transport. I am happy that I have managed to overcome all these little challenges. These challenges may seem small to many people. I just set to overcome a challenge at a time. I managed to overcome all these.

Let's join together and overcome all our challenges. You may need to rant. You may need to cry. Just rant! Just cry! Don't compare with others, your sanity is important. Time will heal and we will become stronger. Win victory 🏆 over all these life's unexpected challenges.

A little gift for a friend is a boost in their confidence and support. They are not alone overcoming their challenges.

- Eileen (@eat_dream_love)