Thankful to My Five Girls

Thankful to My Five Girls

How is it like being a mom to 5 girls?
This is how it is! Doing silly things with them, not going crazy with all the screaming & shouting... but most importantly, is seeing them playing together and growing up well together 😬

At times, I would stare at them playing and think to myself, “wah, all these monkeys are my kids”. always tot i would only have 1 or 2... but I guess 老天 have other plans for me ... 🤣

Having so many mouth to feed, taught me to be fearless & brave in everything I do and plan ... 💪🏻 in fact, they also the ones that taught me many things too! I'm very thankful to have them & I will never ever give up or trade them for anything in this world 🥰

- Gwen (mother0fdaughterss)