Takes Setbacks to Build Resilience

Takes Setbacks to Build Resilience

Being physically fit doesn’t necessarily mean you’re tough, being tough also means you have to be mentally resilient.

Some of us have gone down the dark path before. I have been there, and it had consumed me so much that I almost lost my life. I was 32kg at one point and suffering from insomnia, anorexia and bulimia. It takes setbacks to build up resilience. I am thankful rather than regretful for having being down that dark path, because it has made me who I am today.

Developing resilience takes time and patience, here’s what I do to build my resilience over the years:

1. Practice yoga or exercise
2. Reframe how I think
3. Let go of things that do not serve me
4. Work on my strength
5. Focus on the good things around me
6. Build positive relationships and walk away from toxic ones
7. Help others
8. Practice gratitude
9. Say F it, I’m moving on
10. Look at cute animals

- Elise Teo (yiliyili_fit)