Stay Fearless and Do What You Love

Stay Fearless and Do What You Love

My fitness journey was never smooth sailing.

I had eating disorders at the age of 16 when my mom passed on from cancer. I was bulimic all the way till I was 22 years old. What made me want to change was because i vomited blood when I puked my meals and when I consulted my gp, he said it was because of my eating disorder my throat and organs were bleeding from my forceful actions. That was when I started to eat small meals and exercising to keep my weight stable.

My first fitness pageant in 2013 gained more hate comments than I ever imagined... many bad comments about me for example...being anorexic and I shouldn't even start etc. I pushed through it, telling myself to be strong all the way till now at the age of 40.

I still have people judging the way I look or the things I do do but you know what? It makes me stronger as I push through these in my life. So my advice to all of you out there. Don't Ever Give Up, Stay FEARLESS and Do What You Love and Stay Positive Always. 💯

- Gladys