My Mum is My Role Model

My Mum is My Role Model

How has your mum impacted your life?

My mum is a stay at home mum who has been taking a good care of our family. My dad has been very busy with work when I was young. My mum has independently managed house chores and ensure we are well taken care of. Cooking delicious food and cleaning our house. Not forgetting she will also coach me on my studies. Like a superwoman. So Fearless! Now even when I become a mum she continue to help me a lot in taking care of my boys. Always showering us with lots of love.

Many friends have asked me to think twice about becoming stay at home mum. Although I know it is tough, I am still motivated as my mum is my role model. I am very inspired by her. When I just become a stay at home mum, I had a lot of challenges and they seems so daunting. Learnt a lot of hacks from her especially for cooking and cleaning. She has helped me to overcome all these challenges. I am so lucky to have a caring mum.

Many thanks to my dear mum for making the person I am today. 😘💐
Always there for me! I always love and appreciate all your help!

- Eileen (@eatdreamlove)