My Labour of Love

My Labour of Love

What was the greatest fear you have overcome?

To me, I was all for elective C-section during my first pregnancy as I was scared after hearing all the birth stories and pain level that we have to endure (I remember the pain scale is similar to cutting off your arm😖). Eventually I overcame that fear for the belief of a better gut bacteria and immune system for my LO through vaginal birth, but of course with the aid of epidural 😉

Looking back my 12 hours of labour was quite intensive with my running fever and increasing baby’s heart beats which sent the machine to keep beeping in alarm, I was glad and relieved all went well and out came my labour of love.

And now 2 years later, here I am counting down with my growing belly - this time round I’m all ready to #befearlest! Overcoming motherhood’s many challenges have definitely made us stronger and fearless to conquer whatever comes along!

- Yuxuan (raisingcupcake)