Mummy Knows Best

Mummy Knows Best

Mother's Day is approaching and I would like to write this for my mom as she is my sole mate, my masterchef, my bff and aka my beloved mummy! She is also the maternal figure whom impacted my life too!

She is a typical housewife who stays home to ensure all household chores are taken care of.

As 4 of us completed our studies and then started working, this also means how lonely she is while waiting for us to be home. When we are home she tried talking to us but you know as we were out working, we all will also have to face certain kind of stress and pressure and at times we will raise our voice at mom. This makes her angry. But I only want to say that we don't understand that when we were younger. As we settle down, have our own kids we then understand that after a long day we only want to talk to our kids ask them how was their day etc.

She suffered the biggest blow when our daddy, succumbed to brain tumour 11 years back. It hurts me even till now. One day when I got home from work, as she was preparing for dinner, she was sobbing right at the kitchen and at the same time sorting the vegetables in preparation for dinner. This hurts me so much and also time for us to shower her with more care and concern too when her lifetime soulmate had left.

As time pass, she was kept busy with caring for her grandchildren. I know how tired you are, having to care for one after another and you offered to help when my girl came. You also had to ensure that you have dinner ready for us whenever we are at your place. Through this I learnt what is selfless love and only thinking for your kids and grandchildren.

We truly appreciate all that you had done for us. Making sure you come up with interesting menu and having them on the dining table.

- Gladys Heng