Motherhood Made Me A Stronger Woman

Motherhood Made Me A Stronger Woman

Being a mother for 8 years and counting.. mmm... how do I feel?

I have normal days, awesome days, bad days and overwhelming days. Some days are harder than others. Some days I’m trying to be a supermom. Some days are crazy but some days are also filled with so much love.

I went through many things in this 8 years of motherhood journey. From having complicated birth with EJ, my first born. After 12 hours of labour, EJ was born healthy at 3.5kg but I experienced retained placenta, placenta didn’t separate spontaneously. It was dangerous and I was rushed immediately to the operating theatre. Luckily I survived the complication, I didn’t lose my uterus but I wasn’t able to breastfeed EJ due to the complication.

As he didn’t have skin-to skin contact with me after birth, he had difficulty in latching. We failed many times and I was very sad. Thankfully I managed to pump my milk and he was exclusively breastfed via bottle for 8 months ❤️ it was so hard as I had to wake up every 2 hours to pump milk, feed, wash, sterilise bottle and the cycle repeated again.

And then I had Calysta, my second born who was colicky for the first 6 months of her life. I had to carry & dance while breastfeeding her and while juggling to take care of 1 year old EJ. It was so tough and I also experienced postnatal depression. I managed to overcome the challenges with my family support and also managed to breastfeed Calysta for 3 years.

And then I had my third born, Cassandra, I went through 20 hours of painful labour without epidural. I didn’t expect to be this strong. Cassandra had high jaundice and I worried so much when she was a newborn. We managed to pull through it thankfully and I’m also glad that I’m still breastfeeding her! 2.5 years and counting! 🐮

Motherhood journey makes me a stronger woman, learning about strength I didn’t know I had and dealing with fears I never knew existed.

- Netty (@nettyliee)