Let It Go~

Let It Go~

18 years ago, I took on my very first overseas assignment to Shanghai for 3 months with 2 other male colleagues.

Back then, in my early twenties and ive never left home without my parents. Nonetheless i took on the assignment and pack my suitcase and off to Shanghai.

We were been put up in a motel which was kind of scary.

Barely 2nd night on arrival, a drunkard came knocking hard on my door insisting I was his wife and that there was a man in the room. At that moment, fear hit me badly and I keep calling the front desk but nothing was done. In the end they hang up the line. I was shaking in fear and all I could do trying to grab tables to block the door and feeling helpless.

I felt like flying home that very moment. But I asked myself, how can I do that when I'm on work assignment? We then had a changed of motel and landed in a service apartment. This scary moment had always been with me and make me turn down couple of assignments.

Then opportunity knocked and I landed myself in the fashion retail, the first trip was back to Shanghai! Omg the fear struck me again. I asked myself if I fear then I should not have accepted this job!

Let it go! Let go of the fear, be fearless and step out. I did it, enjoying every trip I made! More travel trips needed to Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam 🇻🇳... it was a great exposure for me once again. Given the chance to know different cultures, work with different people and from different countries too. These are valuable experiences that I've gained and enjoyed!

Sometimes we just need to let it go and explore what is ahead. Be fearlest to try new things or embark on new career.

- Gladys (gladysheng12)