It's Still Not Easy

It's Still Not Easy

✨𝔹𝕖𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕐𝕆𝕌, 𝕚𝕤 𝔽𝔼𝔸ℝ𝕃𝔼𝕊𝕊✨

✨Here is my story✨
I lost my mum mother at the age of 21 & it was NOT easy. It’s still not easy. She was my world, my everything. The day she was gone, my whole world turned pitched black. I was so overwhelmed with emotions such as pain, hurt, anger, sadness, emptiness. It took me years to grief, even till now I’m still grieving 😔 Then my mental health got the best of me and it took a toll in the world of doing stupid things. I wanted to fill that void & emptiness that I was feeling.

As time goes by, it got better slowly I worked on myself and gave myself more time to accept what has happened and also be strong for not only myself but family. I had the most amazing support system from my Fiancé, Family & all my friends. My mental health has gotten better these days and I’m still working on myself to be better. The emptiness & void that i have now is filled with love with the amazing people around me. It all takes time & I am in control of my own time 🤍

- Fitri Rozlyana (fitrirstyles)