I Am Myself

I Am Myself

My most recent challenge was to step out of my comfort zone, my usual routine, progressing to a new journey on @taketheleapmama.

I had been comfortable with what I am doing as these years. Being in service industry for many years and all the paths are well connected. Back in my previous career paths, I had totally no fear in transiting as this had always been my strengths.

Every step is a courageous step. Being in this new challenge, its very discouraging for me as I often lack confidence and felt that what I am doing is never enough. The transition period is tough. With many things to learn, to master, to be able to live up to expectations, it is rather upsetting for me.

It is a long journey for me. I cried, I move on, I give myself time to do better. I might take more time than other people. But I persevere and try to do it better. To me, being successful is not restricted to being successful in your career but personal aspects.

I always tell myself that I will shine in my own way. I may seem that I do not love myself enough. But I don’t measure the love for myself like a lot of people do. To me, loving myself is by doing what I love which is to love my family whom I previously neglected.

The past month had been rather tough for me, and it seem glamourous but each time I move on and tell myself, never say die. A note to myself, it’s also time for me to take my mind off and relax to do what I love to. I am me myself, I never want to be anyone’s shadow.

- Angie (@mylittlegingie)