Fear is a feeling, not a fact

Fear is a feeling, not a fact

Motherhood isn't for wimps. And our kids will make mistakes. Those mistakes don't define our mothering ability. What matters more is how we love even in the imperfection.

Every day, my patience is tested particularly when it's time to get out of the house. 

"Wake up, sleeping beauty"

"Wake up, little prince"

"Put on your school uniform and shoes guys. It's time to go!" 

5 minutes go by and none are ready.

"We are going to be late! We have to go!" 

"Don't leave your lunchbox behind!"

To be fearless means committing to seeing the positive in one's day instead of going to the worst or negative. Choosing to see and believe in a positive future. I'm happy to learn that we were never once late to school or for work even after every struggling morning! 

Connie Lim