Fear Does Not Exist Except in the Mind

Fear Does Not Exist Except in the Mind

Cleanse your mind and feed your soul.

I was disgusted with the way fear was controlling my life. As I started to hate the fear that consumed me, I also began to hate my life. I cried over the little things, and there were times I could not control my tear.

I would not want fear stopping me from doing anything else in my life. I change the way I look at things, and the things I look at change. I make my mind and have the courage to take risks, go where there are no guarantees. Remember - fear does not exist except in the mind!💪🏻..

Now, I am more than happy to go where I’ve never been. I am willing to try what I’ve never tried and willing to trust what I’ve never trusted🌟..

Thank you for having me be part of the #befearlest community. 

- Celeste Chua (@cennds)