Every Mother's Journey is Different

Every Mother's Journey is Different

Every Mother's journey is so different!
A lot of sacrifices made for the child...

Journaling - a good way to remember how God has brought me thru life, thus far ❤️

Sharing with u about my life in brief,
I left my full time job 4 years ago when I found out I had S1...only to find out later on I'll be preggy 3 years in a row 🤔😂

Ok but if u don't want to talk about motherhood but life in general then i think I've been living life fearlessly, only because I know I've a community of support that allows me to look ahead w/o unfounded fears, their constant encouragement & presence has been so helpful in helping me move on with life.

Since sec sch, I've had to work to support my family while my peers partied away. It was fun getting my 1st pay check but it was also tiring having to juggle studies n work & fears of whether I had enough time to balance both piroities.

I really don't enjoy studying, but I had to brave those exams anyway.

I still remember the butterflies in my stomach when I had to walk into the exam halls n find my seat and brave thru the questions shown in my sight 😅

Decided after Os I wanted to pursue my interest in sports, thinking its probably easier to study, than other topics?
So on I went the next 6 yrs aft poly to pursue my license as a sports climbing instructor, abseiling instructor, got my work at heights & first aid certification + conducted more courses, attempted to be an NROC Coach n even went into schools to coach etc!

I met many different awesome children, youths, teens & other fellow instructors, then I realised I enjoyed doing such stuff but I could do less with the mozzie bites... & then one day I got pregnant earlier that expected n I had to give up everything.

I was like😅 I'm not ready... not yet.

Fast forward til today, here I am still trying to figure out what life has installed for me & my children & how I can be a fearless mom to them, how to model for them how to live life... taking things 1 feed at a time.
#notscared #scaredalsoneedactfearless

How about You? How's life been for you so far?
Regardless, Rem to cultivate gratitude & live on fearlessly! 💋

- Denis