Confidence is Power

Confidence is Power

I was once insecure, fearing not just at my physical capabilities, but also at my physical appearances. I wasn’t at my best condition, mentally, getting all depressed and low self-confidence. I couldn’t achieve the things that i wanted to do. I am lost in my aspirations.

My appearances didn't gave me much hope either. I wasn’t even confident of my own body and beauty, which resulted in failed relationships, not for anything else but blame on my low self-esteem. I hated my big butt, plump face and big thighs. I admit i was a tad chubby (not FAT). But chubby was never the trend in the past. I even categorised myself as someone ‘afraid of guys, for i dare not look at them in the eyes’, a reason why i don’t have much circle of male friends. It was a hard time fighting with my inner spirit vs how others would view me.

Worst when you get verbal attacks from your chemistry teacher when he announced in the whole class that he appointed you as the Chem Rep just because your face looks like a molecule. 

My life starts afresh when i joined dance. I can feel the confidence and comfort all came right into me the moment i dance. I was even comfortable dancing alongside with guys now. Thankful to my dance friends and mentors who have encouraged and brought me up to where i am today. It’s a blessing to hear someone who can tell you that you’re pretty in anyway you are. So ladies, if anyone tells you that, you know you’re worth and you shouldn’t be looking down at yourself. Confidence is Power, and let’s be fearlest!

- Alicia (@aliciahzy)