Brave and Bold

Brave and Bold

ᔕᕼE OᐯEᖇᑕᗩᗰE EᐯEᖇYTᕼIᑎG TᕼᗩT ᗯᗩᔕ ᗰEᗩᑎT TO ᗪEᔕTᖇOY ᕼEᖇ

I was 20 when I stepped into my first marriage, had a miscarriage and then giving birth to my #1stborn at age 21. It was suppose to be a happy family of 3 but sadly I found myself dealing with an unfaithful spouse which led me into making a agonising decision - divorce and becoming a single mother.

I lost count of the sleepless nights, holding hope that he would return home one day, how much tears I have shed, how life has been unfair to me, how I wish I could die and not forgetting of fearing what my child would ask me one day about his biological father.

I've lived in worry on how am I going to raise my child, how can I survive as a single mum.
I've lived in anxiety on how the community would look upon me as a single mum.
I've lived in fear if my cheating spouse would snatch my child away from me.

I was lucky to have family, extended family friends and community support and I stood strong moving forward. The love of my child conquered the love I have for a cheating spouse. With that I came out even stronger and #befearlest

Today, I'm living life fearlessly, brave and bold! And of cos, am blissfully loved in a second marriage with a loving husband and 2 very cheeky boys.

That's my story, what about you?

- Mrs Oh (@am_blissfully_loved)