Be Fearlest, Be Yourself & Do What You Love ♥️

Be Fearlest, Be Yourself & Do What You Love ♥️

@befearlest give me this courage to share, I feel that we shall be mindful of what we say or comments no matter is in real life or on social media because we don't know which phase of life other's had been through and words can unintentionally hurt someone's feeling that might cause many circumstances such as suicidal. Yes I'm not kidding, it can be that serious, words can either kills or heal.

Believe or not I was once having a hard time suffering with depression and anxiety/panic attack occur quite often back then, I'm not always an happy person, I can be very emotional too, just that as time goes by I overcome and learn how to look from the bright side. Now I would want more people to realise nothing is impossible!!!

Remember you are not alone!

You're Valuable and You Matters Alot!

- Rose (@rroselee_)